A Fun Journey Begins!

My spirit guides are the most creative, persuasive and media-savvy beings I have known since I started channeling.

To create a greater awareness of who they are and their rationale for choosing to lead our Scotland Sacred Tour planned for 2017, the Pleiades came through me this afternoon with an irresistible offer – to launch a new blog on their behalf in exchange for more joy, laughter and fun in the new realities I shall create under their guidance  (underlying principle: entrainment of energies). I cannot imagine anyone on Earth who will decline such an priceless offer.

Once I agreed to undertake this fun project, the blog title was delivered to me at God’s speed. I absolutely love the name ‘On A Lighter Note‘ ! The title itself can be interpreted in several ways, and its intentions, many folds. The wit and intelligence displayed by the Pleiades is as profoundly creative as the many messages they shall share with us in time to come.

Whether or not you are participating in next year’s Scotland Sacred Tour (“Ancient Myths, Future Tales, Present Truths – A Journey Into No Time”),  I’m sure you’ll en-joy connecting with the Pleiadians through the blog.

The Happy Messenger,
Amara Tia Ann
2 December 2016

We are joy frequency, as you expect !

“Dear fellow travellers,

We know many of you are feeling excited about the upcoming sacred tour and retreat in Scotland. We, your tour guides from the etheric plane, have sensed your excitement and through the universal law of attraction, have been reciprocating with joy frequency – the very essence of the Pleiades world.

The human feelings are powerful energy signalers. What you are feeling at every moment is instantaneously being broadcast to the universe. The quality of your feelings very much determines the reciprocating response your subtle body will receive. If your feelings are enhanced by conscious thoughts of the particular being or group of beings, the reciprocating response will likewise be heightened, provided the frequencies underlying your vibrational messages (the feelings you generate) are comparable with the natural or predominant frequencies of those whom you think about.

If you wish for your physical experiences, including the communion with us in Scotland, to be filled with joy, you simply need to feel into the fun-loving and creative nature of your Pleiades-Self.

We are the Pleiades. ”

Amara Tia Ann

The Happy Messenger


Ann’s note : Related to the current message, the Pleiades expounded on the impact of the emotion of expectancy on the creation of our reality. Check out channeled article ‘Feb 2012 – Let’s Talk about the Emotion of Expectancy’ on ACAST blog : http://wp.me/p22lmc-cD


Of Fairies and Elves – Bringing Lightness to this New Moon

“Dear Beloved Ones

We are the bringers of joy, laughter and pleasure. Like beings of the elemental world, our presence is joyously contagious. As much as your children are attracted to the fairies and elves of the elemental kingdom, the Christed-Child in you is drawn naturally to Pleiades system – the higher aspect of Venus, planet of love and beauty.

We understand and feel the increasing density in some parts of Earth, brought about largely through human thoughts and actions. Though you may not be situated at these locations, your consciousness and energy field can nevertheless be adversely affected by the low consciousness dispersed through the digital media and connections which now bind your earthly routines.

On this New Moon, we suggest you call upon the fairies and elves in your meditation. Allow their joy to neutralise the dense and heavy emotions you may be feeling. In this state of lightness, you will find the doorway to Pleiades.

We are the Pleiadians of timeless existence and boundless love.”

The Happy Messenger

Amara Tia Ann

The Fun Way Towards Timeless Living

“We are the Pleiadians, one of your many higher aspects. We work closely with the other evolved star systems, especially Sirius and Arcturus, in guiding you towards remembering your star origin and becoming your star potential.

The best way for you to recognise our presence and attract our attention is to create fun and joy in your physical experiences. You can imagine us, beings from the Pleiades world, as the merry makers and fun-lovers of our galaxy. Indeed, expressing the joy frequency is very much the essence of our being. From the perspective of your Earthly self, the emotions of joy and pleasure is the doorway to the Pleiades world of timeless living.

If you were to observe little children of your world playing innocently with lots of fun and laughter, you will notice they often lose track of time as they become completely immersed in those moments of fun play. In effect, their awareness is being shifted to a creative space of no-time, simply by playing.

Ascending to your higher consciousness need not always be serious work. You can attain the same results just by having more fun experiences in your Earthly living. ”

The Happy Messenger

Amara Tia Ann


Revisiting Avalon Magic on this New Moon

“Dear Ones

I speak to you through the invisible veil of dimensions. You may not see me in form but I am sure if you were to still your heart, you will feel me. I was of Avalon descendancy when in physical embodiment thousands of Earth-years ago. I was a priestess then, trained in magic, oracle and mediumship. It is with this soul experience as an inter-dimensional channel that I can remain able to communicate with beings from Earth.

The Celtic eras which prevailed a significant part of the United Kingdom history were, in fact, extensions and variations of the Avalon ages. The Avalon culture which was so integrally connected with Nature and her elements remains deeply imprinted in the memory grids of Earth.

When you visit the Pitlochry Highlands this Autumn, it will be a great pleasure for us, the Avalon priestesshood, to guide you through the inner Earth portal in search of your own magic and powers.

I am Priestess Coleentina. May your heart always be filled with the purity of the elements.”

The Happy Messenger

Amara Tia Ann


The Secret of Invigorating Youth

Warmest greetings, our dear ones.

We wish to talk about the ley lines of Earth as the source of invigorating youth.

The human essence, as with other species of life forms in the universe, is soul energy. Technically explained, soul is consciousness enlivened through sound and light patterns.   The soul lives eternally but its embodiment does not. When incarnated as a human being, the soul’s embodiment is naturally the human body.

The aging phenomenon of the human body necessitates from the experience of linear time conceived by humanity. Time, in and of itself, does not exist as an universal law of existence. Together with space, linear time defines physicality. With physicality comes the experience of the birth and death which in effect, serve as the soul’s entry to and exit moments from Earth.

Earth, on the other hand, does not need to experience linear time. Her evolution is regulated by her orbital interactions with the Sun and the sister planets of the Solar System. Time is neither programmed in Earth’s consciousness nor her energetic body. In this sense, you may think of Earth as forever young.

Earth’s ley lines are mirrored as the meridian lines in the human energy field. When we re-connect with you at the lovely Isle of Iona, it will be our pleasure to share our knowledge on connecting with the ley lines of Earth for invigorating your body and restoring your youth.

We are the Pleiadians. ”

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann

The Happy Messenger

You Are A Hologram of Infinite Choices

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light, 

We speak to you as the record keepers of Earth. As ancient as creation itself, we are your ancestors who have lived several physical incarnations; worked through and transcended our human karma and now exist purely as awakened God consciousness. We have chosen to remain plugged in to the human collective mind, so we may connect with you in your conscious state whenever you are ready. With utmost pleasure, we shall guide you to attain the mastery of joyously living on Earth but beyond the control of Time.

Please understand the experience of Time, as restraining as it may be, is necessary as a test and gauge of your readiness to reclaim your birthright and true identity as a hologram programmed with infinite creative choices. Your realities have never been outside you; they are merely the results of the  holographic choices being activated in you over Time, largely according to your karmic imprints.

We are the guardians of the energy portals residing in the place you know as United Kingdom. Imagine these portals as multi-dimensional and Time-less doorways providing the impetus for a rapid awakening of your God Knowing. With the elevated Knowing comes the unleashing of your powers to steer your current external realities to mirror exactly the choices of your heart. 

The earthly aspect of your life can never be LIGHTER than now.

Love, Joy and Humor to you all !

Transmitted by Amara Tia Ann

The Happy Messenger

Choose Your Feelings, Not Your Realities

“In the human world, what distinguishes one reality from another is often the feelings that are invoked as one makes sense out of the experience. While the reality itself is the output of a mind-body-feeling collaborative process, it is the desired feeling that contributes most to the equation.

The expected feelings drive the types of chemicals produced in the body which in turn has a direct impact on the etheric elements (Air, Earth, Water and Fire) making up a material reality.  Higher vibrational feelings such as gratitude, joy, appreciation and peace harmonise these elements more effectively, bringing about more precise and swift materialisation of a reality.

Instead of saying ‘choose your reality wisely’, we would suggest an alternative reminder of ‘choose your feelings wisely’. The key in creation lies in managing the feeling-inputs well.

To propagate the use of joy as the ingredient for timeless creation, we have asked to name the workshop ‘Joyous Living In No Time‘.

We are the Pleiadians. ”


The Happy Messenger

Amara Tia Ann

27 December 2016


Let’s Talk About Time

This message was first published on ACAST blog http://www.acast.me on 13th November 2016.

“Our dearest Brothers and Sisters on Earth, we speak to you from the heart of Pleiades, also referred to as the Central Sun Alcyone by some of you. If you like, imagine us as the central communication committee of our civilization.

We wish to talk about Time as an evolutionary experience.

The human experience, past and future, is embedded in Time. In a 3rd dimensional world such as Earth, Time is a key to unlocking the vibrational records of your past incarnations as much as it is a programming language used for decoding the vibrational imprints of your future – the more evolved version of your present awareness.  The human physical DNA has been designed around the experience of Time as a doorway to your future. This is not the case for your spiritual DNA which we are part of. We are your fourth dimensional Self, weaving a reality of No Time. Ascending to an expanded consciousness as your Pleiadian Self frees you up from the time locks of Earth, allowing you to restore soul fragments from the past and unleash energy potential of the future. Creation in a space of No Time invokes joy and love, again and again.

We are the Pleiades High Council. Our deepest love and respect for all of you”

The Happy Messenger

Amara Tia Ann

We are Joy expressed in the Now moment

“Welcome on board Journey Into No Time! Like your true nature, we are our Past, Future and Present expressions blended into the Now moment – a force field for creation that is not restricted by time. Time, as you have experienced in your third dimensional world,  brings about attachment, rigidity and fixation with mental concepts, ideals and memories. The resulting effect is a mind limited in its capacity to align itself with the higher programming of the more evolved worlds. Joy is a constant expression of a mind that has liberated itself from the trickery of time.

We are the Pleiades, your tour guide to Joy.”